4 Best Luxury Fall Candles

Luxury fall candles are the ultimate mood setter, essential house décor, and perfect gift!  When it comes to the holidays the smell of the season filled throughout your home is magical.  Look no further because these are the best fall candles for your home. 

NUMBER ONE: Ambre by Diptyque​

Ambre is a woody scent but carries a nice elegant perfume with it as well.  Making it more of a glamourous woody scent.  You will have no problem with this filling up a room with its beautiful aroma.  It is strong, but not overwhelming.  It comes in their signature clear glass, but I prefer the burnt orange one, it looks more festive and it’s a bit larger.


– Woods
– Vetiver
– Patchouli
– Aniseed
– Insolent spices
– Mysterious incense
– Citrus
– Tonka bean

Luxury Fall Candles Diptyque Ambre Candle
LIG Joloves candle

NUMBER TWO: Log Fires by Jo Loves​

Log Fires well…literally smells like log fires.  This makes a great fall fragrance because it brings you cozy campfire on a crisp night vibe.  Perfect scent for a movie night in.

The brand is created by Jo Malone and unlike those candles I find this Jo Loves one to be a bit lighter.  When you take it out of the box you think it is going to be strong, but it’s pleasantly potent in an airy way.  Truly love this one.


– Wood fire
– Cedar oil
– Guaiac wood oil
– Black leather

NUMBER THREE: Pumpkin Chai by Nest​

Obviously, I had to add a pumpkin candle to the mix.  If you like pumpkin scents, you will really enjoy Pumpkin Chai.  It’s a really yummy pumpkin scent with spice.  It is strong, but the smell is not heavy.  This will fill up a room very nicely.

I prefer this to a lot of other pumpkin candles because it’s strong, but not heavy and “cheapy” smelling.  You also experience that hint of chai, which compliments the pumpkin scent so nicely.  Spot on scent for fall.  The orange glass it comes in also makes for a festive feel.


– Wild pumpkin
– Spicy masala chai
– Cardamom
– Ginger
– Cinnamon

Luxury Fall Candles Nest Pumpkin Chai
Luxury Fall Candles No.22 Woodstove
Luxury Fall Candles No.22 Bunny Ear Lid

Number Four: Woodstove By No.22

Woodstove is another woody one, but it is a bit sweeter than Jo Loves Log Fires.  It has that same wood burning smell but with some vanilla mixed in between.  It is not an overpowering candle.

These woody smells for fall are so beautiful and cozy.  The ceramic container it comes in would look so pretty on any surface it is placed.  It has a knitted design on the front for an added cozy touch.

Sold separately is a bunny ear ceramic candle lid that is too cute.


– Palo Santo tree oil
– Vanilla
– Musk
– Cedar
– Birch Tar
– Moss
– Smoky Cinnamon

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