4 Top Tips To Keep Skin Healthy And Happy While Wearing a Mask

Struggling to keep skin healthy?  With summer heat in full effect, having to wear a mask is no fun, but we gotta do what we gotta do!  Wearing masks in the heat can contribute to a lot of unwanted skin issues, like irritation, breakouts, dryness etc.  What should you do to keep skin healthy?

sign which says stop the spread tip #2, stay six feet apart

KEEP SKIN HEALTHY TIP #1: Keep Your Mask Clean

If you have a reusable mask, make sure you are washing it often.  Sweat, bacteria and dirt soil the fabric. You don’t want to be placing a dirty mask on a clean face the next day when you need it again.  YUCK!

KEEP SKIN HEALTHY TIP #2: Ease Up On Makeup​

Try to wear less or no makeup.  Sweating with makeup is never ideal.  It will lead to clogged congested pores.

Where you going anyway girl?

a face mask and a bottle of salicylic acid face wash

KEEP SKIN HEALTHY TIP #3: Cleanse That Face

Wash your face.  After sweating from walking around in your mask, you want to wash your face right away when you get home.  Letting sweat sit and dry on your face is an irritant and leads to clogged pores and pimples.

Use a Salicylic Acid face wash.  If you are experiencing breakouts and or congestion, using a BHA Salicylic Acid face wash will help remove oil and “gunk” out of your pores.

KEEP SKIN HEALTHY TIP #4: Moisturize Your Skin

Don’t forget to moisturize.  Friction from the mask rubbing on your face while talking can cause mild irritation.  After cleansing you want to make sure you are following with a moisturizer to help calm and soothe the skin.

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