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a black purse accessory
a Gucci Silk Twilly

Gucci Silk Twilly

Most people think these are a waste of money, but I think they’re so cure and also very versatile.  I only had a chance to wear it once, before the lockdown, around my neck.  It’s amazing how something so simple can make you feel so fabulous.  I paired it with my Reiss turtleneck.  You can also tie these around your ponytail or messy bun, which looks so pretty and feminine.  If my hair ever decides it would like to grow, I would totally rock it with a high pony.  Wrapping around the top handle of your bag would also dress a look up.  They’re very feminine and delicate, and I find them to be flattering on everyone.   Can’t wait to get more use of this baby!

Chan Luu Body Chain

I purchased this on Net-a-Porter when I saw it go on sale in my wish list.  I had to have it!  First off, Chan Luu has some really pretty pieces, especially for summer.  I love the dainty beachy pieces to compliment a tanned chest in a white linen shirt after a long summer day.  What caught my eye was this body chain.  There’s nothing sexier than a tan with a delicate body chain.  You can wear this with a bathing suit or for a night out with either a low cut top or a crop top so you can see a little pop of the chain.  Gorg!  However, these are thin and delicate, so wearing them with a fabric that won’t pull on them is best.
a Chan Luu Body Chain
three slip hair scrunchies

Slip Hair Scrunchie

I have been on the silk train for a while now, from the pillow cases to the hair scrunchies and pajamas.  Not only is it luxurious to indulge in these pieces, they’re also great for your skin and hair health over time.   I have fine hair and nothing pisses me off more than pulling it out unnecessarily with a crappy hair tie.  The silk ones just slip right out and still hold your hair perfectly in a bun or a ponytail.  I don’t feel guilty about throwing my hair up in a one of these because I know it’s gentle on the hair.  They also come in different colors and patterns so you look cute when out and about running errands.

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