Candles: How to Make Your House Smell Like Home

a black candle making a house smell like home

There is something about candles burning that brings such calmness and relaxation to an environment.  They create a cozier state wherever they’re placed.  But there is nothing worse than being in a room with cheap overly heavy scented candles. Quality is a must, and all the ones listed below are just that.

candles in a room

Top Candle Scents For Your Home

Lafco New York “Marine”

A beautiful clean smell, this is one of my go to candles. This would go well in a bathroom or entry way. Can’t go wrong with Marine from Lafco.

Nest “Bamboo”

Whether in a diffuser or a candle, this fresh scent is invigorating and earthy. I enjoy the diffuser in my bathroom, so it always smells like it’s freshly cleaned.

Diptyque Candles In Roses And Baies

Simply lovely. Roses scent is pretty self-explanatory, but this is not over whelming or overly floral. It’s a very subtle rose smell that isn’t too obnoxious. Baies is a heavier smell without being overwhelming either. It’s sexy and sophisticated. Both of these will go great in a living room or bedroom.

Lafco New York Fog&Mist

Another fresh, inviting fragrance. I really enjoy Lafco candles because they have a 90 hour burn time, and you can reuse the glass they come in. Seaweed, cucumber and sea foam are the notes. However, I don’t find it to be too sea like smelling more so fresh and light. Beautiful for an entry way or living space.

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