Cozy Wintertime Essentials

Wintertime is approaching here in New York City, and I want to share my most loved items for winter that I cannot live without! I can assure you; you will love and enjoy these cozy wintertime essentials just as much as I do!

a woman looking at her reflection appreciating cozy wintertime essentials

Cozy Wintertime Essentials Number One: Clothing

The Alo Yoga lounge outfit is by far the most comfortable set I own.  It is so soft and lightweight, breathable, yet warm.  I am so obsessed with how comfortable this fit is. It’s like wearing a cloud.

This set is perfect for cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie or just lounging around the house.  The pullovers come in a bunch of different colors, and the sweats come in four.  They have pockets on the back of the sweatpants, so they make the tush look nice.  You can thank me later!

Eberjey pajamas are the most comfortable pajamas you’ll probably ever wear. The fabric is a dream. They’re incredibly soft on the skin, lightweight, and stretchy.

The colors they offer are beautiful, and the collared top looks super cute and classy.  Once you put these on, you won’t want to take them off. Everyone I recommend them to falls in love.

Skims Robe honestly, just buy it.  It is the perfect winter robe. It is so soft and beautiful.  It comes down to about mid-calf on me. I’m 5’4.  Not only is it so cozy and warm, but it’s also stretchy and complements the body so nicely. Thanks, Kim.

Cozy Wintertime Essentials Number 2: Candles

Of course, I have to mention candles. Candles, for me, are an essential part of a home, especially during the wintertime. They add a cozy vibe and a beautiful aroma.

Diptyque Sapin De Nuit is a new season scent from Diptyque. The notes on this one are pine, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

The only way to describe the smell of this candle is a fresh ass Christmas tree, freshly chopped and brought inside. The scent is refreshing yet maintains that holiday feel. I love this one. The packaging this year looks like a whimsical royal holiday.

a woman in the kitchen drinking a cozy wintertime essential
a woman drinking a cozy wintertime essential

Cozy Wintertime Essentials Number 3: Mugs​

Grosche tall mugs.  You’re probably like, um, what the hell.  BUT these mugs are fantastic.  We all drink more hot beverages during the winter months, and these are great for just that.

Grosche mugs are double insulated, so your beverage stays hot or cold longer.  I love that they’re clear and so comfortable to hold.  Picture a hot chocolate with whipped cream in there, oh the aesthetic! Perfect for coffee or tea as well.

There are similar mugs like these everywhere. However, I love and purchase Grosche because you provide clean drinking water for a person in need with every purchase you make.

Cozy Wintertime Essentials Number 4: Socks And Slippers​

Socks and slippers are the ultimate wintertime essential.  Although if you’re like me, you’re wearing slippers all year round.  Keeping your feet covered around the house prevents cracked dry feet, so they’re a must.

UGG Socks are so soft and lightweight.  They come halfway up your calf.  They’re thin enough so you can slip those babies in some boots if you want to.  You can’t go wrong with these, trust me.

UGG PomPom Fleece Lined Socks. Ugg is just coming through recently.  If you’re into more of a thicker sock, these are for you.  They’re so thick and warm. They come in a few different colors.  The pom-poms are a nice touch. You deserve to look cute around the house.

Rachel Parcell Faux Fur Slipper. Love these lil furry ones.  Chic and cute for strutting around the house, and they come in three different colors.

The White Company Faux Fur Cross Slider Slippers. Another fabulous slipper on the list.  These slippers are so soft and plush. The oatmeal color is so beautiful and clean. These have a non-slip and are perfect for wintertime.

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