How To Slow The Aging Process

Let’s be real; no one is looking forward to aging. Unfortunately, we have to prune at some point. Of course, diet and lifestyle weigh in heavily. However, these essential skincare tips can help delay this process.


Take my hand and explore the fantastic world of Retinoids.

As you may know, retinol and retinoids are excellent for the skin long-term.  They help keep the skin strong, firm, build collagen, help the skin cope with UV radiation, and more. I have an entire blog post on this topic. If you want the scoop Retinol, What’s The Hype? 

Aside from applying retinol to your face, it is excellent to incorporate into your body routine because, hello, who just wants beautiful skin on the face? So give your bod some glow too.

There are many retinol lotions out there, but my favorite I’ve tried so far is the Paula’s Choice Retinol Skin Smoothing Body Treatment. This is formulated with antioxidants like primrose and grape seed oil, along with one of my favorite ingredients, shea butter, for ultra-nourishment. It is fragrance-free. The formula is fabulous; it leaves the skin super smooth and not greasy. The only downfall to this product is that the bottle isn’t very big. I buy two at a time because I go through them swiftly.

Don’t forget about your hands. They are constantly exposed to UV radiation. As a result, they’re one of the first things to start showing age. The skin on your hands is very thin, and with constant sun exposure, they lose collagen and elastin more rapidly, along with added sunspots.

If you’re reading this, start taking care of those puppies. Use a hand cream with SPF daily and reapply. I love Eucerin SPF 30. At nighttime, apply a moisturizer, let it dry, then go in with retinol or retinoid to the tops of your hands, not your palms, to be precise. I use my adapalene gel (Differin) on my hands almost every night.

Practicing these steps will improve the appearance of your hands and slow the aging process.

Wear Sunscreen Indoors As Well As Outside

I feel like this will annoy people because it seems extra, but I promise it’s not. UVA penetrates through window glass along with visible light. UVA rays are the sun’s most abundant and deepest rays that break down collagen and elastin in the skin and lead to skin cancer. So rude.

If you’re hanging out by a window all day doing work or in an office, you might want to reconsider. Along with damaging your precious collagen UVA and visible light also drive hyperpigmentation. If you’re prone to hyperpigmentation or have existing hyperpigmentation, exposure to these UVA rays over time will make it much more challenging for it to fade.

It is best to get in the habit of applying sunscreen every day, no matter what. Data shows that people do not use enough, to begin with. So, to ensure your skin will be protected, apply a good amount, let it dry, then go in with a second layer so you don’t miss any spots. Then, when you think you used too much, that’s the perfect amount!

Invest In Lasers, Not Facials

It is so hypocritical of an esthetician to say this. How dare I! Facials are nice to have, but they’re temporary solutions where lasers are more permanent. Facials are great to get monthly to help clear congested skin. However, they’re not an absolute must. If you’re looking for an actual anti-aging treatment, lasers are the way to go.

They are more invasive and have lasting effects on the skin. They help stimulate collagen production, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, improve texture, scars, and pores’ appearance. Make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist to see which one is best for you. Usually, results come with a few series of treatments, but you will most likely see improvement after one.

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