Skin Care Myths

Skin Care Myths

Incorrect information all across the internet motivated me to start my blog. It’s simple, If you’re not a professional, don’t give skincare advice. If you’re looking for advice, only seek a professional. There are way too many people out there blabbering nonsense and false marketing to persuade you to buy only specific products for financial gain.


Only Use “Clean Beauty.”

Clean beauty is a marketing tactic. There is no such thing as “clean” ingredients. This drives me crazy when I hear this. I have an entire blog post dedicated to this topic called “Clean Beauty Is a Scam.”

“Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker”

I feel like this has been debunked many times, but I still hear people saying this all over the internet. If this were true, bald men would shave their heads like crazy. A strand of hair is very thin on one end and gets thicker towards the bottom, where it sits in your skin.

When you shave, you’re slicing that hair in half. As it grows back, the thicker part of the hair will start to protrude, giving that “prickly” feeling. This is why people think their hair grows back thicker. If you let the hair grow out, you will see how it eventually gets softer.

“Medical Grade Skincare Is Better”

There is no such thing as medical-grade skincare. This is a marketing term. There is no certification to make products “medical grade.” This is simply companies or people using this term to persuade consumers to buy only their products because it sounds superior to drug store products. Drug store products are fabulous and perfect for many people’s lifestyles and budgets.

“Only Use Natural Deodorant”

If I hear one more podcast host talk about their sponsor, Native deodorant, I will lose it. There is no evidence that aluminum antiperspirants cause any harm to human health. As consumers, we need to research on our own and stop listening to influencers or people on the internet selling us crap. It’s false marketing, plus “natural” deodorant doesn’t even work! 

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