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5 Best Ways to Tackle a Zit

You wake up ready to slay the day and look in the mirror to realize there is a massive pimple on your face…the audacity. They can be unforgiving, painful, and just straight up annoying. Learn how to tackle your zit with these 5 tips!

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Do You Need a Toner or Essence?

Skincare manufacturers will have you thinking you need more than you do. The skin requires very little. However, it’s fun to spice things up and make it fun. This is where toners and essences come into the picture, but do you need one?

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How To Prep Your Skin For Cold Weather

Fall and winter are right around the corner and your skin isn’t about that dry air life. Prepping your skin for cold weather will prevent dryness and irritation before it happens. Adding one or two products in your regimen can help a ton!

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How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin can help to maintain an even and clear complexion.  There are  different ways to exfoliate, but it all depends on your skin type and concern.  Exfoliating should be done with caution and not something to abuse.

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Esthetician’s Guide To PM Skincare Routine

Following a proper PM skincare routine is not only imperative for skin health, but can do wonders for your skin! Nighttime routines take the day off, literally. These steps will ensure you are removing all dirt, makeup and pollutants and then treating with the right products.

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Esthetician’s Guide to AM Skincare Routine

Your AM skincare routine is very important to ensure your skin is protected and has what is needs throughout your day! Your skin encounters a lot of things you can’t see with your eyes. Using the correct products will keep it from being damaged as much as possible.

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Is Your Makeup Contaminated?

Almost every day, we are using some sort of makeup on our faces. It is important to understand certain things about makeup and application in order to avoid skin infections, makeup contamination and worsening of current skin issues.