Things I Would Never Do As An Esthetician

I’ve been seeing this trend on the ol TikTok so I thought I’d give it a go. I highly recommend you follow along as well, considering there’s so much false information all across social media platforms..

Face Scrubs

You will never catch me using a face scrub, for a few reasons. Physical exfoliation doesn’t do as well as a job as chemical. You achieve more of an even exfoliation when using an acid rather than a scrub.

Using an acid allows you to tailor it to your specific needs. For example, if you have dry skin using glycolic acid would best suit you because it removes dead skin from the top layer while at the same time providing hydration. Scrubs are too abrasive for the skin. At first you feel soft and smooth but in the long run you’re disrupting your skin barrier creating more water loss which leads to you guessed it… drier skin.  Refer to my blog post How To Properly Exfoliate Your Skin.

Follow Skin Care Trends

All across TikTok and Instagram, you see skincare trends or random things people are using to put on their skin. Don’t give in to this and think that you need to get on board. Keep to your routine and what works for you. Switching your skincare routine too often and incorporating more products only adds  more irritation and fewer results.

Over Priced skincare

If you know me and have read a bit of this blog, you can tell I love luxury. However, I will never pay over a hundred dollars for a skincare product, hell I wouldn’t pay more than 50 bucks. You’re not paying that premium for better ingredients, the same acid in the drugstore is the same in Saks. You’re paying for the brand, the packaging, and the marketing. The only time I spend real money on my skin is with laser treatments, botox, etc.

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