Three Must Have Beauty Items For Travel

When it comes to packing for a long trip, bringing beauty items that are multipurpose and convenient for you is a must. Keep it sweet, simple, and practical with these suggestions.

Aveeno Foot Mask

One of my all-time favorites for travel or when I feel I need a little more pamper at home. This is not to be confused with a foot peel. This is strictly for hydration and nourishment for your feet. Whether you’re at the beach, skiing, hiking, or sippin tini’s by the pool, and your feet need some TLC by the end of the day. So instead of bringing a bottle of foot cream that takes up more real estate in your luggage, opt for these paper-thin sheet masks for your feet. Thank me later!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel

If you can’t make it to your hotel spa, these peel pads are an excellent option for pampering and exfoliation without the bulky packaging. I use these on my back and chest. I don’t use these on my face or neck because they irritate those areas. However, I am on the sensitive side, so this might not be the case for you.

I like these because you can wipe these onto clean skin, and you are good to go. No rinsing is necessary. You don’t have to worry about bringing or buying a Salicylic Acid body wash to exfoliate. Although these say daily peels, I would not recommend using them every day. You never want to exfoliate every day. That’s an easy way to throw off your natural skin barrier function. I would suggest twice a week.

Note: It is best to use these at night because of the glycolic acid in them. Glycolic acid makes you more sun-sensitive. Always be sure to use sunscreen SPF 30 or more during the day.

Kevin Aucoin – The Sculpting Powder

Ladies and Gentleman…her. If you never heard of Kevin Aucoin, he’s the OG of makeup artistry. Unfortunately, he is no longer living.  He has done many celebrities and is also known for his iconic book “Making Faces” If you’re into makeup or an aspiring makeup artist, I highly recommend you purchase his book.

Moving on…This sculpting powder is not a want. It’s a need. The reason this powder is impressive is because of its cool/ashy tone. It mimics natural shadows and creates the most natural-looking contour.

I am fair to medium skin tone, depending on if I have a spray tan. I use shade medium. If contouring the face, you must be using a light hand, or you could end up looking muddy. This powder can be used as an eyeshadow, to contour the face, or as a liner by wetting an angled brush. It is so versatile and perfect for traveling.

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