Valentines Gift Guide 2023

Another year another Valentine’s Day gift guide. These recommendations are fabulous, I’m just going to come out and say it.  I hope you seem to agree.

Parfums de Marley

This is no Sephora perfume, she is lux.  I’ve been wearing this brand for a few years now, and I appreciate the quality behind the fragrance. Not only does this brand have fabulous unique scents, but they also last the entire day. Coming from a Persian company that’s what you can expect because well hello they are the creators!  You only need a spritz or two. My favorites are Delina which they’re most popular for and Delina La Rosée.

Baccarat Crystal Butterfly

This cute little butterfly comes in a variety of different colors. It is so cute and girly, perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. They make for great side table décor and look beautiful in the sunlight.

PANGAIA Tracksuit

I love this brand because they’re eco-friendly and made from organic cotton and peppermint oil. The way they manufacture their clothing and source their materials only helps the earth not hurt it. It’s done by keeping the earth thriving and I’m 100% here for that. Their sweatshirts/sweatpants are so comfortable, and they have the cutest colors to mix and match. The bubble gum pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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