Vitamin C: Get Glowing With Antioxidants

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with many additional skin benefits.  We all love a good antioxidant serum in our routine. It has been shown to boost collagen, brighten pigmentation, neutralize free radicals and reduce stressors like smoking, pollutants, and UV radiation.

Meet Your New Friend L Ascorbic Acid

L Ascorbic Acid is a form of Vitamin C that is the most bioactive. Therefore most products containing Vitamin C will use this form, with concentrations around 10%, 15%, or 20%.

However, there are some draw backs to this antioxidant. Unfortunately, it is very unstable and needs to be formulated with other antioxidants like Ferulic Acid and/or Vitamin E to keep it from oxidizing and turning rancid.  Vitamin C needs to be at a low PH to penetrate the skin, making it irritating to some with sensitive skin.

There’s also a bit of a funky smell and your skin may turn a bit orange temporarily.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

The good news for those with sensitive skin who experience stinging and irritation from L Ascorbic Acid is that there are Vitamin C derivatives. Ascorbyl glucoside is one such derivative that is much more stable and has a higher PH, so it is not as irritating.

I personally enjoyed using C E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals.  This is a 15% L Ascorbic Acid along with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.  A bit on the pricer side, but highly worth it in my opinion.  Their patent formulation I find is superior to most vitamin c serums on the market.  I noticed tighter looking skin along with brightness. I am slightly sensitive, yet this did not irritate me at all. It all depends on what you best tolerate.

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Apply Your Vitamin C In The AM

Apply your Vitamin C serum in the morning after you cleansed your face, and follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen. Using an antioxidant serum during the day, as opposed to at night, is going to be more beneficial.

It is primarily because of the neutralizing effect on free radicals that antioxidants perform.  Free radicals are produced naturally in the body, but are also generated from the sun.  Therefore, using an antioxidant serum during the day is a smarter choice.

Get glowing babes!!

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