What Not To Do With Makeup

Yes, makeup does not have any rules, when it comes to creating a look. However, there are some things you want to avoid when applying your makeup, to avoid skin issues and a crappy application.

Don’t Touch The Applicator To Your Skin

When applying concealer, foundation, liquid blush, etc. You don’t want to put the product applicator right on your skin. Instead, apply it to a metal makeup mixing palette. Tap the brush into the product then dab it onto the face rather than “smearing”. Doing it this way will not only allow a more blended application it will prevent you from contaminating the rest of the product. Clean before and after with rubbing alcohol. 

I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking well it’s my face how could I contaminate my own products? Well, it has to do with the preservative system in the product. This goes for serums etc. with droppers in your skincare as well. Preservatives prevent microbes like bacteria and fungi from growing in your product and causing skin infections as well as ruining the formula. 

The preservative system isn’t designed for the applicator to touch your face and pick up all those microbes that are constantly being put back in the product. It’s not strong enough to keep these out. In addition, jars of makeup or skincare that you dip your fingers into have a stronger preservative system to keep microbes out. However, you must always wash your hands well before dipping them into your jars. 

Do Not Drag Your Beauty Blender On Your Skin

I see this being done all over the internet. First off, I don’t love sponges or beauty blenders. They harbor crazy amounts of bacteria. If you were to put yours under a microscope you might think twice about using it ever again. However, if you are a sponge guy or gal, tapping lightly is key. Dragging the sponge on the skin is going to give a smeared, patchy application. It might be that your skin isn’t hydrated enough, and the product isn’t blending as effortlessly as it should. 

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Just because you’re doing a makeup look, doesn’t mean you should leave sunscreen out. Unless it is nighttime or you’re doing a photo shoot those are the only times it’s okay not to wear SPF. But, after your skincare, the last step is always sunscreen. My best tip for sunscreen is to find one that feels comfortable on your skin because if you like wearing it you will. Next, apply a layer let it dry, and go in with another. A lot of people do not apply enough, and this will ensure you do. My favorite is Elta Md, it’s available to shop on the site!

Do Not Share Your Makeup

Again, microbes’ people. So not only could your own microbes build up and harbor bacteria, but now someone else’s can?  Nasty. Every time you use that product that’s been shared with someone else, their skin cells and bacteria are going on your face every single time. Let’s keep it hygienic in 2023, shall we?! 

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