Why You Should Be Double Cleansing

If you’re into skincare and makeup, you might be familiar with the double cleansing method.  But if you’re not, I encourage you to listen up!  Whether you’re a makeup wearer or not, cleansing your face before bedtime is essential.  Throughout the day we are exposed to a lot of pollutants, smoke, dirt, bacteria, etc. It is critical to remove that gunk off your face, along with makeup or sunscreen.  That way, you can hit the sheets bacteria build up free.


In order to achieve this clean face of yours, you must start with an oil/balm cleanser before your regular facial cleanser.  Oil based cleansers act by trapping the dirt, oil, makeup etc, and then loosening and helping to dissolve them.  Most of these oils/balms are made up of fatty acids from plant oils, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.  They help to nourish and soften skin cells while being gentle against the skin barrier.

This is why everyone who double cleanses loves it.  Not only are you being gentle on your skin, you’re also ensuring all the crap from the day is properly removed.

Oil cleansers are liquid at room temperature, while balms are solid at room temperature.  They become liquid once rubbed into the hands.  Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Let’s talk about makeup wipes for a second here, since A LOT of people still use them and swear by them.  Makeup wipes really do not remove makeup effectively.

In reality you’re smearing makeup and dirt all over your face, rather than actually breaking it up and lifting it off.  Even worse, every time you wipe your face with a makeup wipe, you’re pulling and tugging your skin, so really what you’re doing is accelerating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  Constant wiping can also cause redness and irritation, which is something you always want to avoid.

How To Properly Use Oil/Balm Cleansers

Both oil and balms are used in the same manner.  You always want to have clean hands when touching your face, so wash those babies first.  Then grab your oil/balm and rub it in your DRY hands and apply to a DRY face.  I understand this might feel uncomfortable at first.  But you won’t be bothered by it after you see how well it works.

Gently work your way around your face breaking up your makeup or water-resistant sunscreen.  Next, wet your hands and work your way around again.  You will see it start to get a little milky looking.  This step is important because the water emulsifies with the oil so it traps, lifts, and washes away the dirt.  Just washing your face without emulsifying it won’t be nearly as effective.  Lastly, rinse off thoroughly.

oil balm cleanser spilling onto a hand

STEP TWO: Face Wash

Now move on to your regular face wash.  Make sure you are gently massaging, using circular motions.  It takes at least 30 seconds for thorough cleanse.  And voila!

It’s important you follow the steps properly to make sure you’re not leaving behind makeup and dirt, or are left with an oily residue.

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