At-Home Skincare Devices…are they worth it?

While all these at-home devices aren’t as strong as in-office treatments, you can still slowly but surely reap some benefits. I’ve found some worth it through research and studies and some that aren’t. Enjoy!

LightStim For Acne

This bad boy is a little pricey, but if you have mild breakouts or get painful blemishes during that time of the month, this can help. Blue light has shorter wavelengths to target acne and hyperpigmentation on the skin surface. Red light has longer wavelengths that penetrate deeper into the skin into the dermis, where collagen and hyaluronic acid are present.

This particular one is for acne, and it works by reducing inflammation and helping kill the bacteria that causes acne. Although this will help with inflamed pimples, it does not work for whiteheads and blackheads. In addition, I find it very relaxing, so it’s great to do before sleep. As I said before, this device is nowhere near as strong as in-office, but you can reap benefits if used religiously. This can be used on the body as well.

Kenzzi At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

The Kenzzi device, when used properly over time, softens the hair and makes it less prickly and easier to shave. Laser hair removal in the office doesn’t permanently remove the hair altogether. It usually grows back but not as coarse. You can find that some areas don’t grow back, but most of the time, it usually does.

If you get laser hair removal in the office, this at-home device is excellent for maintenance and amps up the results. Of course, you never want to use this over a large mole, tattoo, or on a fake or natural tan. Be sure to read the directions carefully.

Consulting your dermatologist to see if this works for you wouldn’t hurt either.

At-Home Skincare Devices...are they worth it?
At-Home Skincare Devices...are they worth it?

NuFace Toning Device

A few brands make these microcurrent devices, but the NuFace is the most popular. This device claims to tone muscle in the face to create a more contoured youthful appearance. However, as we age, facial muscles are not one of the components responsible for aging. Instead, fat loss in the face, bone loss, and collagen breakdown are the main reasons we start to look older.

Microcurrent studies shown for facial rejuvenation are preliminary. I know some people love this, and that’s great; however, no solid studies prove this has any promising benefits. These devices come with gels/serums that are hyaluronic acid based, which plump up the skin and make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. This is maybe why they “love” these devices.

I have bought and used this device myself and didn’t appreciate any noticeable effects. Although who is to say there won’t be more studies proving microcurrent devices are worth your time and money. As of right now, I would pass.

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