Things I Would Never Do As An Esthetician

I’ve been seeing this trend on the ol TikTok so I thought I’d give it a go. I highly recommend you follow along as well, considering there’s so much false information all across social media platforms.

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Skin Care Myths

Skin Care Myths

Incorrect information all across the internet motivated me to start my blog. It’s simple, If you’re not a professional, don’t give skincare advice. If you’re looking

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skincare mistakes

Worst Skincare Mistakes

The internet is flooded with miss information about skincare, from TikTokers to Instagram. Here are some of the worse skincare mistakes I’ve seen on the internet you should avoid making.

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Clean Beauty Is A Scam

Clean Beauty Is a Scam

Yes, you heard that right clean beauty is a SCAM. The media and manufacturers like to play with your head to get some coin. Not only is this misleading information corrupt, but it also puts consumers in fear for no good reason. Let me explain.

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3 Antioxidant Boosting Beverages For Healthy Skin

We all strive for healthy, clear skin. The truth is, clear skin is beyond what you put on topically. Consuming certain foods and liquids can transform not only your skin but your body and mind. Try incorporating these 3 antioxidant boosting beverages into your diet.

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the number 5 painted in an old window opening

5 Best Ways to Tackle a Zit

You wake up ready to slay the day and look in the mirror to realize there is a massive pimple on your face…the audacity. They can be unforgiving, painful, and just straight up annoying. Learn how to tackle your zit with these 5 tips!

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a bottle of toner or essence on the concrete

Do You Need a Toner or Essence?

Skincare manufacturers will have you thinking you need more than you do. The skin requires very little. However, it’s fun to spice things up and make it fun. This is where toners and essences come into the picture, but do you need one?

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barren trees in the winter

How To Prep Your Skin For Cold Weather

Fall and winter are right around the corner and your skin isn’t about that dry air life. Prepping your skin for cold weather will prevent dryness and irritation before it happens. Adding one or two products in your regimen can help a ton!

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a jar of a substance used to exfoliate your skin

How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin can help to maintain an even and clear complexion.  There are  different ways to exfoliate, but it all depends on your skin type and concern.  Exfoliating should be done with caution and not something to abuse.

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city skyline at night

Esthetician’s Guide To PM Skincare Routine

Following a proper PM skincare routine is not only imperative for skin health, but can do wonders for your skin! Nighttime routines take the day off, literally. These steps will ensure you are removing all dirt, makeup and pollutants and then treating with the right products.

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faucet pouring water into a sink

Esthetician’s Guide to AM Skincare Routine

Your AM skincare routine is very important to ensure your skin is protected and has what is needs throughout your day! Your skin encounters a lot of things you can’t see with your eyes. Using the correct products will keep it from being damaged as much as possible.

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Niacinamide bottle being examined

Niacinamide: The All Star Ingredient

There’s no question that Niacinamide is an all-star ingredient and fan favorite. Its many benefits are tolerated by almost every skin type. If you aren’t using Niacinamide already, this could be your new best friend.

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a woman putting on makeup that is not contaminated

Is Your Makeup Contaminated?

Almost every day, we are using some sort of makeup on our faces. It is important to understand certain things about makeup and application in order to avoid skin infections, makeup contamination and worsening of current skin issues.

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ingredients being used to create a DIY skincare product

Say Bye to DIY Skincare

You can’t avoid the DIY skincare videos invading the web, whether it’s someone smearing a papaya all over their face or treating a pimple with lemon juice. Skincare products are here for a reason, so leave the kitchen in the kitchen!

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a bottle of fragrant Chanel number 5

Understanding Fragrance in Cosmetics

Everyone loves a good fragrance in their cosmetics. They make you feel clean, sexy and refreshed. There are some things to take into consideration when using fragrance in cosmetics, as certain issues can arise. You want to make sure you’re picking the ones best for you.

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shower controls and shower head

Keeping Your Skincare Routine Simple Is Key

The skincare industry is booming baby! But don’t let it overwhelm you. Half of the skincare products out there are unnecessary and a waste of money. Keeping your skincare routine simple, with minimal products that work for you is how it’s done!

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blue light

Is Blue Light Damaging Your Skin?

Is blue light damaging to your skin, and how bad is the light from your electronics?  Let’s touch briefly on the sun and how it effects your skin.  UVB rays are burning rays that give you those lovely burns, ha.

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a woman in a bath

3 Skincare Products Everyone Should Be Using

Now more than ever before there are thousands and thousands of skincare brands with all kinds of different marketing to “save your skin”.   Truth is, you don’t need half that nonsense.  The whole idea of skincare is to help keep it protected, strong and functioning properly. 

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a makeup container and a brush

What’s Really In Your Makeup?

Day after day, year after year, we use all kinds of cosmetics to bronze, powder, conceal, and define.  We see a pretty label, read a few good statements, and we grab it and go.  But what really lurks inside that makeup?

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looking up at the top of palm trees

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Every day

Sunscreen needs to be worn every day 365 days a year!  Using a sunscreen in your daily am skincare routine is imperative no matter what your age or race.  Not only do sunscreens help protect us from skin cancers, they also help slow down the aging process.  

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a bathtub

Retinol, What’s The Hype?

There are a lot of things on the market that target “anti aging.” I don’t like to use that terminology because there’s no way of actually preventing the process.  However, incorporating a retinol or retinoid in your daily routine can help slow this process down.  Meet your new best friend! 

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