Spring Beauty Products 2022

Spring is approaching, and I’m getting all the tingles. With warmer weather around the corner, it’s time to switch up some skincare and makeup. I hope you enjoy my spring beauty product recommendations for 2022!

tinted SPF

Of course, I’m going to talk about SPF here. But, let’s face it, most of us want to have some color going in warmer months. I always recommend spray tans instead of laying in the sun for hours which is a no-go. I personally don’t use tanner on my face. Instead, I use a tinted SPF to match the rest of my body. So, let me put you on to some fantastic, tinted SPF moisturizers.

First off, we have Elta Md Tinted SPF 46. This is a sheer ish tint. It is great for all skin types and feels weightless and very comfortable on the skin. The gorgeous Hailey Bieber uses this; she must have been following my recommendations 😉 I am a big fan of Elta Md sunscreens and always recommend them.

Next is a new favorite of mine. The Rodial SPF 20 Skin Tint + Now, I usually use my regular non-tinted SPF and then go in with this because SPF 20 is not enough protection. This is perfect for “no-makeup, makeup days.” This is more coverage than the Elta Md. If you have blemishes and don’t want to wear foundation or just want a bit more coverage, this is perfect for daytime errands, gym sesh, etc. It comes in a variety of colors. I use colors Hamptons and Capri.

Lastly, ColoreScience Sunforgettable Glow SPF 50. This is similar to the Elta Md one as far as coverage. However, this one might be a bit more. I love how this feels and looks on the skin. It’s beautiful and has a bit of shimmer in it for some glow. It looks gorgeous in the sun. This only comes in one color, which is for medium skin tones. I can only use this with a spray tan. Otherwise, it looks too dark.

Cream blush

The perfect spring beauty product is a cream blush. Spring and summer makeup trends always concentrate on a dewy creamy glow, and with cream products, you can achieve that. I’ve grown to love cream makeup products. I am oily/combo, so they weren’t always my first pick. However, cream products melt lovely into the skin and create a natural-looking application. In addition, they’re so easy to use and blend, creating an effortlessly flawless look.

I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream blush in the color latte. This blush is a beautiful nude pink. It blends so easily and looks naturally stunning on the skin. It’s perfect for all skin tones, and depending on how light or dark you are, it will give off a different color. It’s not too dewy or matte; it’s a natural finish.

The Rare Beauty cream blush in color bliss is fabulous if you have oily skin! It dries more matte than the Anastasia. This is a brighter pink with a tiny touch of coral. It is very wearable and easy to blend. I love wearing this, and it is such a beautiful shade for spring.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Original

The OG of body shimmer, my friends. If you don’t know, Scott Barnes is a celebrity makeup artist. I haven’t tried his other cosmetics aside from the body bling, although I’m sure they’re great. I’m always trying new products, but I always go back to this one when I want an instant tan. It gives off a beautiful natural brown tan with light shimmer, that reflects beautifully. It is easy to blend and dries down nicely. It is even easier to wash off. This is perfect for a big event, night out on the town, or dinner. It photographs beautifully and makes you look like a bronzed goddess.



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