Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Whether you’re single or have a partner, it doesn’t matter, don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously. Buy yourself something if you’re single or your cat or your sibling. Or don’t buy anything and sit on the couch with Chinese food. Life is what you make it…However, if you do feel like spending, which if you’re reading this, I’m sure you do, these are some sexy, fabulous gifts.

Baccarat Crystal Flutes

It’s called sipping in style. These Baccarat flutes are such stunning gifts. You must have a staple set of champagne flutes in your cabinet for special occasions, and these are the perfect ones.

Just picture the champagne in these! So romantic!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sleeper Feather Trimmed Pajamas

Glamours and comfortable, sign me up. These Sleeper pajamas are too cute and perfect for a sexy night in with your partner or heating a frozen pizza by yourself.

They’re soft and comfortable and make you look more presentable even when you don’t feel up to it.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Pomegranate Noir Candle by Jo Malone or anything in this scent is a classic. It makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because of its enticing fragrance. It has a thick aroma, with a subtle fruity scent twisted in. Trust me; you’ll love it. I know my candles.

They make hand creams, body lotion, and soaps in this fragrance, so get crazy!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Prada Slippers

If you care for your feet, you wear house slippers, end of. Walking around barefoot dries your feet out and causes calluses. So you need to up your house slipper game, and these Prada ones are fabulous. They’re luxurious, cute, and don’t break the bank too bad 😉 In all honesty, most shearling sleepers, if they’re dyed, can temporarily stain your feet. I always wear them with socks. Kind of a bummer, but sometimes you have to sacrifice for fashion.

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